Dr. Robert Haase

At the 10th International Summer School on AI and Big Data, Dr. Robert Haase will talk about Large Language Models for Quantitative Bio-image Analysis.

Talk: Large Language Models for Quantitative Bio-image Analysis

Large Language Models (LLMs) change the way how we use computers. This also has impact on the bio-image analysis community. We can generate code that analyzes biomedical image data if we ask the right prompts. This talk demonstrates how prompt engineering and modern LLMs can be used to solve common tasks in bio-image analysis. We also compare how different LLM vendors perform on code generation tasks and which challenges are ahead for the bio-image analysis community.

Portrait of Robert Haase

Robert Haase

Leipzig University



Dr. Robert Haase is computer scientist by training and follows his curiosity deeper and deeper into the space between life science, data science and artificial intelligence. He received a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus of the TU Dresden for his work on swarm intelligence based algorithms for medical image segmentation in the cancer research context.

He served as lecturer for bio-image analysis, bio-statistics and programming at the Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden. His postdoctoral research in Gene Myers lab at the Center for Systems Biology and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics focused on accelerasting bio-image analysis using graphics processing units and to improve our understanding of how tissues and organisms form.

He headed the Bio-image Analysis Technology Development Group at the Cluster of Excellence „Physics of Life“ at TU Dresden. Today, he works as lecturer and training coordinator at the Data Science Center of Leipzig University and the Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence ScaDS.AI Dresden / Leipzig.

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