Jens Scholz

AI in E-Commerce and Retail: Where are we?

From the warehouse to the customer, smart algorithms are changing retail, because retail – like other industries – is facing major challenges. Customers expect permanent availability of services and goods – online and in stores – and at the same time an individually-tailored shopping experience. In addition, retail is under permanent margin pressure and is confronted with extensive digitization of its own processes for competitive reasons. Artificial intelligence plays out its potential in all these fields. The presentation aims to give an overview of the state of the application and shed light on some best practice examples.

Portrait of Jens Scholz

Jens Scholz

CEO prudsys AG


Jens Scholz – an expert in the application of AI in retail, studied mathematics at Chemnitz University of Technology with a focus on statistics. He was one of the founders of prudsys AG in 1998, initially heading the marketing and later the sales department of the Chemnitz-based start-up. Since 2006, he has been responsible for the activities of prudsys AG as a member of the board of directors. The software company provides its customers worldwide with ready-to-use AI applications for omnichannel commerce and automates personalization and pricing processes across the entire value chain. Since 2017, prudsys has been part of the GK Software Group, the leading European provider of integrated store solutions.