Maximilian Pensel

The Data Journey and the Problem with Swarm Intelligence

The central topic of the presentation is diversity in the data and AI environment. The diversity of our customers’ problems as well as the diversity of existing and new knowledge and technologies represent a recurring challenge in our everyday life.
It is unlikely to find a final answer to these challenges in this fast-moving field, so a continuous and flexible approach, driven by experience, is essential. In the presentation, the methods and technologies of Alexander Thamm GmbH in dealing with these challenges will be presented. Explicitly, it will be about our structuring of data projects and knowledge fields through the Data Journey, as well as our approaches to knowledge consolidation, such as and the Techradar.

Portrait of Maximilian Pensel

Maximilian Pensel

Principal Data Scientist and Consultant

Alexander Thamm GmbH


Principal Data Scientist and Consultant at Alexander Thamm GmbH. After his research time in the field of qualitative artificial intelligence at the Chair of Automata Theory at the Technical University of Dresden, he switched to the business sector in 2020 to generate practical, tangible added value from data for customers and society. In the last two years, he has gained diverse experience as a Broadband Data Scientist in the telecom, pharmaceutical, automotive and insurance industries, with projects ranging from training to PoCs to ML-Ops platform migration.