MBean Metrics for Java-Tracing in Score-P

Type of thesis: Bachelorarbeit / location: Dresden / Status of thesis: Open theses

For enriching profiles of Java programs in general and JVM-related features in particular, tools like Java VisualVM or JConsole can display information gathered through specialized APIs known as Java Management Extension Beans (MBeans). This includes information about Java’s internal compilation or memory pools which are related to garbage collection.

Score-P, a tool for recording program profiles or traces, is extending its support for tracing Java applications. To accomplish this, Score-P has to be extended to support metrics that help users to look at various effects related to the Java language and runtime environment, such as garbage collection and JIT-compilation. MBeans can provide the necessary information to capture these metrics.

Envisioned Tasks

  1. Investigation of MBeans and Score-P’s Java tracing
  2. Implementation of a generic framework to support MBeans as Score-P plugins for Java
  3. Implementation of a generic tool, which
    1. can be used to select MBean metrics for recording;
    2. prepares the measurement;
    3. records these metrics
  4. Demonstration of MBean data recording and comparison against Java VisualVM or JConsole
  5. Documentation of implementation and results in written form


For this work, basic knowledge of Java, MBeans as well as tracing and profiling of applications are desirable.

The language can be either German or English.



Jan Frenzel



Jan Frenzel

Service and Transfer Center

TU Dresden

Performance analysis/estimation of Big data applications, Big data frameworks on HPC