Center for Scalable Data Analytics and
Artificial Intelligence

About us

ScaDS.AI (Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence) Dresden/Leipzig is a center for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data with locations in Dresden and Leipzig. It is one of five new AI centers in Germany funded under the federal government’s AI strategy and is to be established as a permanent research facility. Since 2019, the expansion into an AI center has been supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Free State of Saxony. Both locations are each connected to a local university, thus to the TU Dresden and the University of Leipzig.


Portrait of Prof. Dr. <br>Wolfgang E. Nagel

Prof. Dr.
Wolfgang E. Nagel

TU Dresden

Center for information services and high performance computing (ZIH)

"ScaDS.AI is not only working on exciting AI and Data Science research topics but also fosters a fast transfer of its research results into scientific and business applications. Our transfer and service center is a key enabler for new collaborations and successful transfer activities."

Portrait of Prof. Dr. <br>Erhard Rahm

Prof. Dr.
Erhard Rahm

Universität Leipzig

Department of Computer Science Databases

"ScaDS.AI uniquely combines excellent research on Big Data and AI to develop scalable and trustworthy Data Science methods. In addition to scalable machine learning approaches we therefore investigate new methods for high data quality, knowledge management and privacy."


Big Data

In the Big Data area our researchers investigate many different aspects of processing large data sets in science and industry. This area forms the basis for the further development of our center.

Artificial Intelligence

We strive to close the gap between the efficient use of mass data, knowledge management and advanced AI methods. Therefore we build on the foundation of our Big Data research.

Future Program

Our future envisioned research builds upon the previous AI and Big Data experiences since 2014 and extends it with additional key focus areas through which we aim to deepen our work.