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Methods and Hardware for Neuro-Inspired Computing

We develop neuro-inspired hardware platforms for real-time AI applications, deployed as SpiNNcloud at TUD Dresden University of Technology. We also work on the integration with other computing hardware, like other neuro-inspired hardware systems or FPGA, and focus on unsupervised learning of spiking neural networks.

Research Focus

  • Development of the 2nd generation neuromorphic spinnaker system
  • Energy-efficient real-time simulation of networks on the scale of the human brain
  • Large-scale realisation of neuro-inspired AI algorithms
  • Signal/image processing and machine learning for automotive and robotics applications
  • Development of methods for artificial neural networks
  • Development of machine learning methods in the field of cognitive data processing, including synaptic plasticity and dynamics in models for spiking neural networks (SNN)


Our long-term goal is to develop neuro-inspired models and learning algorithms for efficient execution on neuro-inspired hardware, supported by a simulation and model integration flow. These methods will
be developed for the SpiNNaker neuromorphic architecture, for FPGA platforms, as well as hybrid
architectures, providing a development and evaluation platform for novel computing architectures.

funded by:
Gefördert vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung.
Gefördert vom Freistaat Sachsen.