Lecture Series 2017

Joint lecture at the TU Dresden and the University of Leipzig

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. S. Gumhold (TU Dresden), Prof. Dr. E. Rahm (University of Leipzig) 

The aim of the lecture series is to give participants an overview of current requirements and solutions for Big Data technologies and applications. The focus will be on the areas worked on in the Big Data competence center ScaDS (Competence Center for Scalable Data Services and Solutions) Dresden/Leipzig. Speakers are professors actively involved in ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig (principal investigators). 

The lecture will take place in blocks of 2 lectures (each about 1 h) alternating at the University of Leipzig (lecture hall 8) and at the TU Dresden (Willersbau A317). The lectures will be streamed via video to the other location on the same day and can be followed in the specified auditorium.

The event is aimed at students of the bachelor’s and master’s programs in computer science, PhD students and all interested parties. The accounting modalities for students are regulated site-specifically according to the framework conditions of the respective study programs (see below).

The lecture dates are Thursdays, starting at 15:00 (s.t.).


(The first named location provides video streaming.)

Since the lecture is held in German, the seminar schedule is also in German.

Block 1: 27. April, 15:00:  Universität Leipzig, Hörsaal 8; TU Dresden, Willersbau A317

  • Prof. Rahm:  Einführung in die Ringvorlesung und ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig [PDF]
  • Prof. Rahm:  Graph-based Data Integration and Analysis for Big Data [PDF]
  • Prof. Scheuermann: Merkmalsbasierte visuelle Analyse großer wissenschaftlicher Daten [PDF]
  • ab 17:30 Vorstellung/Vergabe der praktischen Aufgaben 

Block 2: 11. Mai 2017, 15:00:  TU Dresden, Willersbau A317; Universität Leipzig, Hörsaal 8

  • Prof. Sbalzarini:  The PPML language for distributed scalable processing enables real-time segmentation of large image data [PDF]
  • Prof. Lehner: Next-Generation Hardware for Data Management – more a Blessing than a Curse?
  • ab 17:30 Vorstellung/Vergabe der praktischen Arbeiten

Block 3: 18. Mai 2017, 15:00:  Universität Leipzig, Hörsaal 8; TU Dresden, Willersbau A317

  • Prof. Stadler: Genome Annotation in the Age of Big Data [PDF]
  • Prof. Heyer: Big Data in den Digital Humanities? [PDF]

Block 4: 1. Juni 2017, 15:00:  TU Dresden, Willersbau A317, Universität Leipzig, Hörsaal 8

  • Prof. Nagel: Big Data and HPC – Two worlds apart or common future? [PDF]
  • Dr. Bussmann: Big Data in Photon Science: Why we do everything once

Block 5: 22. Juni 2017, 15:00:  Universität Leipzig, Hörsaal 8; TU Dresden, Willersbau A317

  • Prof. Bogdan: Verbesserung der Sicherheit von Virtuellen Maschinen für Big Data Architekturen [PDF]
  • Prof. Franczyk: Prozesse treffen Big Data – Verbindung zwischen Data Science und Prozess Science [PDF]

Block 6: 29. Juni 2017, 15:00:  TU Dresden, Willersbau A317; Universität Leipzig, Hörsaal 8