Lecture Series 2020

Lecture at the Leipzig University in the master’s program Data Science (SuSe 2020)

Modul 10-INF-DS301 „Current Trends in Data Science“ (5 LP) 

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. E. Rahm (Leipzig University) 

The aim of the lecture series is to give participants an overview of current requirements and solutions for methods, technologies and applications of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The focus will be on the areas worked on at the Data Science Center ScaDS.AI (Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence) Dresden/Leipzig. Speakers will include Principal Investigators actively involved in ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig. The lecture is offered as part of the module „Current Trends in Data Science“ (5 LP) of the new study program Data Science. Languages of lecture are German and English. Successful completion of the module requires watching video lectures as well as successfully solving a practical task, which can be solved in teams of two. The results of the practical tasks should be presented by the students in the last two video lectures. Furthermore, participation in the lecture series is open to other students, researchers and interested parties. 

Due to the Corona development, the lecture will be held with video presentations. The lecture materials (videos) can be viewed via the online platform Moodle from the lecture date on. Registered students will receive an access via email shortly (before April 20th).

Descriptions of the practical topics will also be made available via Moodle. It is anticipated that topic selection will take place from April 24 to April 28. Each student will indicate their topic preference in a Moodle poll with 1-6, with 1 being the most preferred topic and 6 being the least. Furthermore, a preferred partner can also be named. The topic assignment is based on the user-topic matrix. We try to achieve the highest possible consensus.

You will then find the assignment of topic and partner in Moodle.


DateLecturerContent and links
Vorlesung 1Prof. Dr. Erhard Rahm– Introduction to ScaDS.AI and lecture series/module (Slides
– ScaDS.AI topics of database group (data integration for knowledge graphs,  
  privacy-preserving data analysis, analysis of dynamic graph data) (Slides
Vorlesung 2Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schiedermair:Datenschutz und Diskriminierungsverbote als Herausforderungen für KI
Vorlesung 3Dr. Sebastian HellmannRapid Prototyping of Large Knowledge Graphs and their Applications such as AI 
Vorlesung 4Prof. Dr. Martin BogdanWie weit ist es bis zur Singularität?
Vorlesung 5Prof. Dr. Norbert SiegmundValidity and Fairness in Machine Learning: A Software Engineering Perspective
Vorlesung 6Dr. Stefan Franke, Prof. Dr. T. NeumuthMöglichkeiten und Grenzen der KI in medizinischer Forschung und klinischem Alltag
Vorlesung 7Dr. Ringo Baumann, Prof. Dr. Gerhard BrewkaComputational Models of Argumentation (Slides)
Vorlesung 8Prof. Dr. Peter StadlerVery Big Data in Computational Biology — Processing and Integration
Vorlesung 9Prof. Dr. Nihat AyGeneralisation in Statistical Learning (Slides
Vorlesung 10J.Prof. Dr. Martin PotthastTechnologies for Information Retrieval and Summarization
Vorlesung 11presentation of results of practical exercises (1) Via videoconference
Vorlesung 12presentation of results of practical exercises (1) Via videoconference