Leipzig: Master’s program Data Science

In cooperation with ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig, the Informatics Institute at the Leipzig University offers a consecutive application and research-oriented Master’s program, Data Science. This program builds on a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or related fields) and can be started either in the winter or the summer semester. The program aims to provide a scientifically founded, application-oriented education in the essential Data Science areas of scalable Data Management („Big Data“) and Data Analysis based on Data Mining and Machine Learning methods. The professorships involved in the ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig research center play a major role in shaping the teaching of the Data Science course, thus enabling students to participate in current research projects.

Universität Leipzig, Leibniz Forum 2017; ©Swen Reichhold/Universität Leipzig, SUK

In a four-semester period of study, students gain basic and advanced knowledge of the concepts and methods in the field of Data Science as well as its essential subfields of scalable data management and data analysis, test them in practice and apply them comprehensively. Thus, they master the procedures for data collection, data preparation and integration, data analysis and presentation (visualization) up to the conclusion of recommendations for action and can both apply and critically reflect on them in various fields of application. They will also possess a comprehensive understanding of one or more self-selected subfields that correspond to the current state of the art in science and enables them to solve problems, especially in new or previously unaddressed specialist issues. Furthermore, in the course of their studies, they will be able to communicate their scientific work and viewpoints in a comprehensible manner.

The application for the study program is done via the orientation portal of the Leipzig University. The specific admission requirements can be found on the following page. Further information about the design of the course of study and the city of Leipzig as a place of study as well as the Leipzig University as an educational institution can be found in the information brochure here (only available in German).

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