Visual Takes – Cyborgs
in the Colors of the Spectrum

Does intelligence require consciousness? The metaphor of the cyborg as a hybrid of machine and organism symbolizes the fusion of nature, technology and culture. This raises questions about identity and the dissolution of boundaries. The documentary and film series Visual Takes – Cyborgs in the Colors of the Spectrum addresses the field of tension between artificial intelligence and society on three evenings in winter 2022.

The first three events will take place at the Kino im Kasten, August-Bebel-Straße 20, 01219 Dresden.

All interested parties are cordially invited, admission is free.

Screenings of the Visual Takes – Cyborgs in the Colors of the Spectrum series

12.10.22, 8 p.m. „The Social Dilemma“ – Documentary film, introduction by André Wendler

The first evening takes a look at America, where social media platform operators are essentially driving the development and funding of AI. A feature-length documentary focuses on the potential risks of social media, especially on our mental health. In the supporting program, we are joined by media culture scholar André Wendler for a discussion.

Screening of „The Social Dilemma“, © Anja Bierig

23.11.22, 8 p.m. „Coded Bias“ – Documentary film, introduction by Josephine D’Ippolito

The second documentary addresses the desire for inclusive facial recognition software through the fresh lens of a digital activist. Numerous examples are used to show how AI algorithms multiply racial and gender biases. One area of application is video surveillance, which is ubiquitous in China and is also used in Germany, for example, at train stations, airports or border controls. The speaker of the evening is Josephine D’Ippolito, who is concerned with the reflection of gender and AI in the medium of film.

Dr. Stephanie Feilitzsch and Josephine D’Ippolito (f.l.t.r.) at the second screening of "Visual Takes - Cyborgs in the Colors of the Spectrum" at Kino im Kasten.
Screening of „Coded Bias“, © Nej Hrovat

07.12.22, 8 p.m. „Her“ – Feature film

The protagonist of the science fiction film drama shown in December professionally writes empathetic letters for people who have difficulty revealing their own feelings to their counterparts. What does a person need to develop feelings? After the breakup of his long-term relationship, he falls in love with the voice of his newly installed operating system, which is based on artificial intelligence. To what extent is such love possible?

Pillars & Umbrellas

Pillars and Umbrellas is a project of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig in cooperation with the Gender Equality Commissioner and Women’s Representative at TU Dresden.


Portrait of Dr. Jutta Luise Eckhardt

Dr. Jutta Luise Eckhardt

Lead of the project Pillars and Umbrellas

TU Dresden

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