Successful AI Networking Event „From Distributed Data to Large AI Models“

30.05.2024 // SCADS

On 30.05.2024, ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig and the Saxon State Chancellery invited experts from Science and Industry to the AI networking event „From Distributed Data to Large AI Models“. More than 80 people followed the invitation and gathered at the Dorint Hotel in Dresden. The program focused on two thematic strands: (1) AI Infrastructures and Systems and (2) Language Models.


In the morning, the program started with welcome addresses by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Nagel, director of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig, and Dr. Lutz Bryja, head of the unit „Grundsatzangelegenheiten“ of the department for research, SMWK. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Nagel introduced the partcipants to ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig by highlighting the center’s work and strong connections to HPC. Meanwhile, Dr. Lutz Bryja outlined the importance of Artificial Intelligence for Science and Industry. In this context, he clarified the important contribution ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig makes in regard to the AI strategy of the free state of Saxony. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of exchange and collaboration between scientific institutions and enterprises to promote innovation in the region.

Next, there were keynotes by Prof. Dr. Michael Färber, Mehdi Ali and Prof. Dr. Birte Platow discussing the use of large language models from different perspectives. Furthermore, Armin Kollascheck talked about OpenTrafficCam, a tool for a transparent and automated traffic data collection in research and practice.

After the lunch break, the participants were invited to join a World Café to talk about the following topics:

  • Collaboration instead of collision: Successful partnerships between science and business
  • Overcoming obstacles to the introduction of AI
  • Digitalisation of processes: Misconceptions and challenges
  • Identification of AI use cases with high benefits

In the afternoon, the participants split up into two groups to join workshops on the main topics of the event:

  • AI infrastructures and systems
  • Large Language Models

The AI Networking Event „From Distributed Data to Large AI Models“ ended with a final get together of all participants, where the main outcomes of the event were discussed.

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