28. June 2024

Guest visits at the Living Lab in Dresden in June 2024

Guest visits at the Living Lab in Dresden in June 2024
Living Lab

In June 2024, we welcomed a number of guests at our Living Lab in Dresden. While many people already visited us during the Dresden Science Night, we offered a private tour to the following visitors:

  • interns of ZIH,
  • PhD candidates from the NHR Graduate School, as well as
  • our dear former team member, Prof. Dr. Sunna Torge, accompanied by her new colleagues and students from HTW Berlin.

06. June 2024: Interns of ZIH visit the Living Lab

In the first week of June, a group of students visited the Living Lab as part of their internship program. Together with the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH), we introduced the interns to Artificial Intelligence and answered their questions.

Photo. Interns of ZIH visited the Living Lab in June 2024 and tried out our demonstrators.

10. – 11. June 2024: NHR Summer School

On 10.06.2024, 23 PhD candidates from the NHR Graduate School visited the Living Lab in Dresden. The program included a lecture on Statistics in Machine learning as well as an introduction about ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig and our demonstrators.

Photo. PhD candidates from the NHR Graduate School listening to a presentation by Dr. Christoph Lehmann.

Furthermore, on 11.06.2024 ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig organized a hackathon for the NHR PhD students. With it, they learned how to bring Machine Learning workflows to HPC. Due to the heterogeneity of Machine Learning applications, the motivation to move to an HPC system can be manifold, e.g. due to:

  • large memory requirements,
  • GPU usage, or
  • increase in computational speed.

The participants learned how a typical machine learning workflow can be realised in the HPC environment.
The guided hands-on and hackathon format in the afternoon provided a perfect opportunity to get in touch with the ZIH HPC system, to practice the learned HPC principles and to set up a machine learning pipeline for image classification while working in an open and cooperative environment.

Photo. Participants of the Hackathon at the NHR Summer School 2024.

21. June 2024: Visitors from HTW Berlin

On 21.06.2024, our Living Lab in Dresden was once again crowded. We were honored to host our former colleague, Prof. Dr. Sunna Torge, and her new colleagues and students. Prof. Dr. Sunna Torge left ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig this March to pursue an academic career as a Professor of Applied Mathematics and Data Science at HTW Berlin. Our team led a comprehensive tour through ten selected demonstrators for our guests, highlighting the latest advancements and innovations, including a new demonstrator focused on Large Language Models (LLMs). The participating students impressed us with their keen interest and engagement, posing insightful questions on the demonstrators. Their curiosity and eagerness to learn greatly enriched the discussions and added a dynamic element to the event.

We thank Prof. Dr. Sunna Torge for the wonderful visit and wish her utmost continued success in her academic endeavors, while looking forward to future collaborations to strengthen the bond between our institutions.

Visit the Living Lab yourself

You want to know what the Living Lab is all about? You can check out the location, try out our demonstrators and get in contact with our team by participating in our many events, such as:

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