Open Day 2024 at Leipzig University

22.01.2024 // SCADS

On January 11th 2024 Leipzig University’s Open Day 2024 took place, with several departments and institutes taking part. On this occasion, ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig also opened its doors and invited pupils and students to the Living Lab. Starting at 10 a.m., they had the opportunity to get to know not only future oriented Master’s programs, but also researchers from ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig itself and their various research projects.

Studying Data Science

The day started with the presentation of the master’s program Data Science M.Sc. by Dr. Victor Christen. Afterwards, Prof. Hannes Feilhauer gave the interested visitors an insight into the master’s program Earth System Data Science and Remote Sensing M.Sc.. Meanwhile various demonstrators of the Living Lab, such as the Magic Mirror, could be tested in the other rooms.

During a hands-on workshop with our scientist Robert Haase, the young audience generated short stories with the help of AI. This in turn led to interesting conversations and one or two insights into what can be done with AI.

Working and Researching as a Data Scientist

The presentation of the Master’s degree programs was followed by a round of talks with the ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig researchers Dr. Jan Ewald, Anika Hannemann, Marie-Sophie von Braun und Philipp Schott, who were on hand to answer questions about their studies and work paths so far. Lively discussions ensued, which continued afterwards.

Research Assistent Laura Berking moderates the discussion round with the ScaDS research associates Jan Ewan, Marie-Sophie von Braun and Philipp Schott.

In the last part of the program, the three doctoral students Niklas Deckers, Victor Jüttner and Marie-Sophie von Braun presented their work in short talks, giving an insight into research with and around big data and AI. They answered questions like how to ask ChatGPT the best questions? How is artificial intelligence used in medicine? How can large amounts of data be presented in graphs? And how can the privacy of data be protected?

We were able to welcome almost 70 people to the Living Lab for the open day this year and hope that we were able to answer all the questions about studying and working at ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig. Perhaps we will meet some of our guests again as colleagues in a few years‘ time.

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