Safer Internet Day 2024 at Gymnasium Wilsdruff

06.02.2024 // SCADS

On 06.02.2024, Safer Internet Day 2024 took place – and ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig once again happily participated in this important event. This time, our researchers made their way to Gymnasium Wilsdruff to teach the pupils about security on the world wide web. The event itself answered the questions on how personal security is affected by:

  • Social Media
  • Clickbait
  • Chemtrails and conspiracy theories
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deepfakes
Pupils checking out the ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig exhibit at Safer Internet Day 2024.

Safer Internet Day 2024 aimed to promote pupils‘ media skills and make them aware of the dangers online. Within this program, ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig held two workshops for the pupils. Erik Marx provided more details on how to create an image identification model in a browser and how to detect whether an image is machine-generated. Furthermore, Martin Kutz explained to the pupils whether machines can learn morality.

Besides those workshops, team members from ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig also welcomed the pupils at an exhibition stand in the school. The exhibition followed the topic of Image Identification using AI. In live demos, visitors learned how a trained machine learning model can identify their hand gestures in real-time. Also, it was shown how computers can identify an object only by drawing a few basic lines.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is celebrated each year in February in many countries around the world. The day raises public awareness of emerging online issues, current concerns and potential risks, ranging from cyberbullying to social networking and digital identity. Safer Internet Day encourages children to use the internet more responsibly and safely by educating them on the potential risks.

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