ScaDS.AI Living Lab lecture series

07/02/2021 // SCADS

“Ethics and Moral Code in Artificial Intelligence” by Rita Jordan, Niklas Lange, and Franz Lehr 

On July 1, 2021, the first lecture from the Living Lab lecture series took place as an online event. ScaDS.AI researchers Rita Jordan, Niklas Lange and Franz Lehr presented the topic of ethics and morality in AI to a broad audience. The recording can be seen here:

Franz, who is conducting research under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Anne Lauber-Rönsberg on “Transparency as a fundamental principle of trustworthy AI: regulatory frameworks”, started the talk with an introduction to the topic and highlighted the key factors for transparency and trustworthiness of AI technologies.

Rita, who is working on “Law and Design: A Constitutional and Political Theory Perspective of the ‘Privacy by Design’ Approach in Relation to Big Data and AI” at the chair of Prof. Dr. Sabine Müller-Mall, continued the talk from a different perspective and explained how regulation can support the idea of ‘Privacy by Design’ and protect the rights and privacy of end users.

Niklas, who also works under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sabine Müller-Mall on the topic of “Algorithmic Discrimination and the Possibilities of Its Regulation”, addressed the topic of ethics and morality in AI from a different perspective; he explained how machine learning models can be biased and how we can regulate and prevent decisions based on biased assumptions.

The talk ended with a lively discussion session. Thank you for your interesting questions!

The next lecture will be on “Temporal Graph Analysis” on August 5, 2021.

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ScaDS.AI Living Lab lecture series

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