ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig regularly organizes recurring series of events, which will take place monthly as well as yearly. On this page we give you an overview regarding our events. For further information please check out the subpages, which are linked for each event at ScaDS.AI. We are always looking forward to welcome many interested participants. Feel free to join our diverse national and international events.

Event Calendar

Veranstaltungen in Juni 2024

Montag Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag Samstag Sonntag
27. Mai 2024(1 Veranstaltung)
28. Mai 2024
29. Mai 2024
30. Mai 2024(1 Veranstaltung)
31. Mai 2024
1. Juni 2024
2. Juni 2024
3. Juni 2024
4. Juni 2024
5. Juni 2024
6. Juni 2024(1 Veranstaltung)
7. Juni 2024
8. Juni 2024
9. Juni 2024
10. Juni 2024(1 Veranstaltung)
11. Juni 2024
12. Juni 2024
13. Juni 2024
14. Juni 2024(1 Veranstaltung)
15. Juni 2024
16. Juni 2024
17. Juni 2024
18. Juni 2024
19. Juni 2024
20. Juni 2024(1 Veranstaltung)
21. Juni 2024
22. Juni 2024
23. Juni 2024
24. Juni 2024
25. Juni 2024(1 Veranstaltung)
26. Juni 2024(1 Veranstaltung)
27. Juni 2024(1 Veranstaltung)
28. Juni 2024(1 Veranstaltung)
29. Juni 2024
30. Juni 2024

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Target groups for our events

With our interdisciplinar events, we reach out to a broad national and international audience. Therefore, we engage with scientists, politicians or companies and with society itself. We want to share our knowledge regarding AI, Big Data and Data Science to eliminate prejudices, worries or fears regarding this important, but often just not yet graspable technology. Our main focus areas are Education, Transfer and Research. Furthermore, our Living Lab organizes a variety of interesting events for the public. ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig also regularly participates in external events as well as international conferences and fairs.

Events at ScaDS.AI
an overview

  • Summer Schools: Each year a broad audience of internationally renowned speakers and interested participants takes part in our Summer School to discuss current AI and Big Data topics.
  • Living Lab Lecture Series: Each month our researchers discuss interesting topis surrounding AI, Big Data, Data Science or Computer Science with you. Previous lectures are published on YouTube!
  • Pillars & Umbrellas: This event series is a cooperation with the Gender Equality Commissioner and Women’s Representative at TU Dresden and reflects on the core themes of gender equality, participatory justice, sustainability, and cultural diversity, such as the tension between AI and society in a variety of formats.

  • Hands-On Demonstrator Series: Each month, we showcase the accomplishments, discoveries, improvements and educational tools of our team to the public. The events consist of an introductory talk, a Q&A and a hands-on session.
  • Girls‘ Day: Once a year, we invite participants to gain insights into the everyday working life as a female scientist in our center. This national initiative inspires girls and women to make stereotype free career choices.
  • tryING: Each year, TU Dresden invites high school graduates for trial studies in engineering and STEM. We participate to awaken their interest for work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
  • Hackathons: At our interdisciplinary Hackathons, students, researchers and all interested people are welcome work together in teams to find solutions for unique problems in the fields of AI and Big Data.

  • Data Week: This one-week event, which we help to organize, is dedicated to digitization and its‘ application in various aspects of life. Therefore we talk about AI and Data from a scientific, politic and also social perspective. Various target groups are invited to discuss and engage with us in Leipzig.
  • Big Data in Business (BDIB): This one day workshop gives users of AI and Big Data in business a platform to discuss their practical insights, ideas and challenges. With BDIB we aim to improve the exchange between research, stakeholders and application partners in the AI and Big Data industry.
  • ai.Lounge: Each month we welcome representatives of science and business to discuss application areas of AI in a relaxed atmosphere. Our ai.Lounge offers interesting talks and networking opportunities as well as a drink to end the evening with.