Junior Research Groups

In May 2023, ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig welcomed the first junior research groups on emerging AI and Data Science topics. Those groups complement and extend the current research areas of our center. By receiving funding and getting an associated doctoral position for three years, successful candidates are able to establish and lead their own research group. As a result, four junior research groups were created, covering the following topics:

Computational Interaction and Mobility

The goal of this research group is to develop computationally rational models that interact with technology in a human-like manner and make human-like decisions. Therefore, the group wants to build these models using reinforcement learning. These models shall be used to evaluate user interfaces and to create a better understand of how humans and intelligent systems can collaborate.

Junior Research Group Leader: Patrick Ebel (Leipzig University)

Situationg AI-based Mentoring

The focus in this research group is on studying the interaction of learners with AI-based technologies in real-life situations. Therefore, the research is specifically looking at the effects of AI on motivation, self-regulation, cognitive and affective processing, and learning outcomes.

Junior Research Group Leader: Dr. Sandra Hummel (TU Dresden)

AI-based Coaching of Students / AI-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This research group is investigating the use of AI in higher education, particularly in digital learning and studying in general. Therefore, the team is investigating the use and efficacy of AI-driven coaching methodologies in higher education. The primary focus is on exploring and developing intelligent and adaptive conversational agents to enable tailored learning journeys and personalized coaching support.

Junior Research Group Leader: Dr.-Ing. Claudia Loitsch (TU Dresden)

Portrait of Dr. Patrick Ebel

Dr. Patrick Ebel

Leipzig University

Computational Interaction and Mobility

Portrait of Dr. Sandra Hummel

Dr. Sandra Hummel

TU Dresden

Situating AI-based Mentoring

Portrait of Dr.-Ing. Claudia Loitsch

Dr.-Ing. Claudia Loitsch

TU Dresden

AI-based Coaching for Students, Adaptive User Interfaces, Human-centered AI

Portrait of Dr. Sahar Vahdati

Dr. Sahar Vahdati

TU Dresden

Nature-Inspired Machine Intelligence

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