Press release: ScaDS.AI welcomes Dr. Clara T. Schoeder as associated member

15.05.2023 // SCADS

ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig is proud to welcome the pharmacist and head of the junior research group at the Institute of Drug Discovery at Leipzig University, Dr. rer. nat. Clara T. Schoeder, as the second associated member of the renowned competence center for artificial intelligence. Following her public lecture on April 19, 2023, titled „Novel immunotherapeutic drugs through computational protein design“, Dr. Clara T. Schoeder was unanimously confirmed as an associated member by the ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig board members.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Clara T. Schoeder, a successful young scientist, as another affiliated member of ScaDS.AI. This will allow us to further expand the cooperation that we have already started and to strengthen our research focus on the topic of AI in medicine and the life sciences.” – Prof. Dr. Erhard Rahm

Picture of Dr. Clara T. Schoeder
Dr. Clara T. Schoeder

After successfully completing her PhD in Pharmacy at the University of Bonn, Dr. Clara T. Schoeder completed her post-doctoral studies at Vanderbilt University, USA, where she designed next-generation vaccines against filoviruses and influenza using computational protein design. Currently, Dr. Clara T. Schoeder is focusing on the targeted modulation of the human immune response using computer-aided protein and drug design as a junior research group leader at the newly founded Institute of Drug Discovery at Leipzig University.

While computational protein design has been based on biophysical and knowledge-based energy concepts in the past, machine learning methods and artificial neural networks are now being used in drug discovery research as well. As an associated member of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig, Dr. Clara T. Schoeder contributes with her excellent research to the application of machine learning in drug development and the promotion of joint collaborations and future projects with ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig.

„I am very excited to be accepted as an associated member of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig. The scientific exchange within ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig will result in many new ideas for my research on computational protein design. I am convinced that together we can design transformative artificial intelligence projects in drug discovery.“ – Dr. rer. nat. Clara T. Schoeder

Associated member of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig

ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig awards the title of associated member to selected PhD scientists and professors with a close connection to the center’s research focus. The prerequisites for this are an international research activity, a high level of interest in cooperation and the willingness to contribute research work to ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig. The center supports its associated members in networking as well as in developing joint projects. The status also allows participating in internal general meetings, lectures and attending conferences.

ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig

ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig, the Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, is one of five national competence centers for Artificial Intelligence (AI) funded by the German government’s AI strategy. It was established as a permanent research facility for AI, data science and big data in 2023.

With locations in Leipzig and Dresden, ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig combines the excellent AI and Data Science expertise of Leipzig University, the TU Dresden, and ten non-university research institutions. ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig aims to establish itself as one of the leading centers for AI and Data Science in Germany. At the University of Leipzig and the TU Dresden, up to 12 AI professorships and an additional Humboldt Professorship will be established to increase research excellence and place applied AI research on a broad foundation. The center of excellence thus plays a unique and central role in the implementation of the federal AI strategy.

ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Sächsische Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Kultur und Tourismus (SMWK).

More information about the associate member program of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig