12. February 2016

ScaDS visits Akademischer Club Leichtbau an der TU Dresden e.V.


The central task of the Service Center is to promote interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation between computer science and application research experts. This is intended to open up new fields of application for the methods developed, but also to identify new challenges. Therefore, Dr. Peter Winkler, employee of the Dresden Service Center, accepted the invitation of the Akademischer Club Leichtbau an der TU Dresden e.V. (ACL) to attend the Big Data theme evening.

In a cozy atmosphere at Augustiner an der Frauenkirche, Dr. Winkler gave an insight into the competence center. He presented some user examples of ScaDS, including the multiscale visualization of FE simulations and the recognition of structures in topographic maps. In the discussion that followed, Big Data challenges were discussed. A special focus was placed on the field of materials science and engineering.

The Akademischer Club Leichtbau an der TU Dresden e.V. (ACL) sees itself as an established discussion platform for knowledge and technology exchange between industry and research. Their main field are highly complex lightweight system developments. This requires a well and tightly knit network of science and application. Current trends and developments from industry and research are discussed at regular regular meetings with proven experts as speakers.

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