CUT Project

Title: CUT Project (Connected Urban Twins Project)

Project duration: July 2021 – December 2025

Lead: Prof. Erhard Rahm, Dr. Eric Peukert

Team Members: Julia Friske, Aruscha Kramm, Jonas Kreusch

Partners: City of Leipzig + CUT consortium (Hamburg and Munich)

Research Area: Smart City

CUT Project – Connected Urban Twins Project

The „CUT“ project was launched in 2021. During the five-year project period, the three partner cities of Hamburg, Leipzig, and Munich will jointly drive forward the development of digital twins for cities and municipalities. The overall project is divided into five subprojects, which bring different competencies to the project. is part of the project as subproject 4 in the area of “Simulation, Modeling and Artificial Intelligence”.

The project has a local and consortial level. On the local level, we work particularly closely with the city of Leipzig and its various offices on use cases that we find and implement together. The main goal is to pilot use cases. This involves testing and evaluating different scenarios rather than creating finished software products.


Practical example created during the project

Scads.AI together with the city of Leipzig created the “Floor Level Line Detector” (Stockwerkerkennung) which uses images of building facades to obtain the number of floors a building has (s. video, link to launchpad). The information of number of floors of a building is crucial to urban planning, energy consumption monitoring, …

Neural network for recognizing the floors of a house.


The project is strongly application-oriented. Therefore, existing technologies are applied to the existing data. For example, neural networks are used in the form of object recognition in images for various use cases, as well as classification of images. The analysis and evaluation of text using NLP methods plays a major role in the project, as well as simple data analysis for knowledge extraction.


Shaping our cities into smarter, digital and efficient cities has only just begun. Projects such as the CUT project therefore represent a lighthouse project in this area, which is why it is important to share the knowledge generated in the project with the outside world. The project or project idea will therefore be able to nourish many more follow-up projects with use cases.


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