DiGuRaL Project

Title: DiGuRaL-Project — Digital Design of the Leipzig Urban Space Project

Project duration: 2023 – 2026

Lead: Dr. Eric Peukert, Prof. Erhard Rahm

Team Members: Miriam Louise Carnot

Partners: Aufbauwerk Leipzig, Stadt Leipzig, Stadtreinigung Leipzig, Universität Leipzig, ccc Software GmbH, Cyface GmbH

Research Area: Smart City

Vehicles of the city cleaning service (Stadtreinigung)

DiGuRaL Project

As public road space is subject to rapid change, new challenges arise in terms of traffic and mobility transformation. A future-oriented solution requires, in particular, rapid adaptation of urban and traffic planning. Digitalization can help optimize planning processes and make them more efficient. For this to happen, the necessary database must be expanded and made more usable.

To implement this, city cleaning vehicles will be equipped with cameras and sensor technology such as LiDAR to ensure the quality of the road space. We are developing intelligent systems that will automatically evaluate the collected data. These assessments allow conclusions to be drawn about the condition of the road space. We are especially interested in objects that might change quickly over time or compromise the traffic flow.

Different conditions of street signs in Leipzig


The goal of DiGuRal is to make data on stationary and moving traffic available to the Urban Data Platform (UDP) of the City of Leipzig, as well as to interested parties from industry and municipalities. For this purpose, existing and newly collected data will be combined, processed and harmonized. As a result, anonymized data sets will be used to promote a safe and efficient evaluation of road space and intelligent traffic management for the Leipzig urban area.

Covering people and cars in images for privacy protection using a U-Net for image segmentation.

Practical example created during the project

Semantic Segmentation with a fine-tuned SegFormer Model



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