Available Software Services

You can use the software services listed here directly for your research. If you need assistance, we provide advice and technical support.

  • Web services developed within the ScaDS.AI project
    • Image Segmentation: Segmentation service for separating objects and the background in pictures
    • Time Series Analysis Service
    • Service for the projection of time series (ECAST service)
    • Canonical Text Service (CTS): Text Repository and Mining Service for Digital Humanities
    • Sierra Platinum: Peak Calling for DNA alignment
    • Imputation service
  • Software developed within the ScaDS.AI project
    • Gradoop: a graph analysis framework
    • Omniopt: Hyperparameter optimization
    • Visualization for multiscale simulations of components
    • Anomaly detection in wind turbines
    • Climate Impact Modelling
  • Access to resources
    • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • Cloud services
    • Research data management (for publishing data and archiving)
    • HPC-DA (HPC and Data Analytics)