AI School 2023 with ScaDS.AI at IOM

20.10.2023 // SCADS

As part of our training program, ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig cooperated with the Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering e.V. (IOM). From 16 to 20 October, the ScaDS.AI Transfer and Service Center offered Trainings in the context of the AI School 2023 and to sensitize young scientists to data science topics.

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers great potential for science and is one of the key technologies of the future. As a branch of computer science, AI deals with the automation of intelligent learning and decision-making behavior. The goal is to develop autonomous digital systems to solve complex problems. To acquire the necessary skills in this field, the Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering e.V. (IOM) organized the AI School 2023 together with experts from the ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig.

ScaDS.AI expert team photographed at the AI School.
Our expert team

The participation at the AI School free of charge for members of the Leibniz Association. The participation free of charge for members of the Leibniz Association was facilitated by the Leibniz Research Network Mathematical Modelling and Simulation MMS and the permanent funding of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig by federal and regional government supporting trainings. 40 participants had the opportunity to learn the basics of machine learning (ML), gain practical experience in using common tools, and to talk about their problems with an expert from ScaDA.AI. The lectures covered a wide range of topics. From the basics of AI/ML to data visualization and working on a high-performance cluster (HPC). In addition, the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas and make contacts on the sidelines of the five-day event.

Matthias Täschner conducting a training by ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig

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