ScaDS.AI welcomes collegues of Leipzig University

26.10.2023 // SCADS

We were pleased to welcome the colleagues of the Central Student Advisory Service and the Career Service of Leipzig University to our ScaDS.AI Living Lab in Leipzig on 26.10.2023.

First, Dr. Eric Peukert provided an overview of the research focus and structures of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig. Subsequently, Martin Franke, PhD student at ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig, gave an insight into the content and organization as well as the requirements and peculiarities of the Data Science M.A. program at Leipzig University. The master’s program is offered in cooperation with ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig and the Institute of Computer Science. It provides students with a scientifically based, application-oriented education in the essential data science areas of scalable data management and data analysis with data mining and machine learning methods, for instance.

Martin Franke, PhD student at ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig, provides an insight into the Masters program Data Science at Leipzig University.

Research and Science Communication at ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig

Next on the agenda, we presented the Living Lab as a place for lively science communication on the topics of:

  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Big Data, and
  • Data Science.

It serves as a versatile venue, exhibition space, teaching and training center, and laboratory. As a result, visitors are invited to engage with the center’s research on their own or in dialog with our scientists using so-called demonstrators (didactically prepared applications). In the following keynote speeches, the guests were able to gain insight into the working methods of data scientists. Marie-Sophie von Braun and Tobias Jagla presented their current projects and explained the basic focus of data scientists in science.

Tobias Jagla explains his research topic on Swarm Intelligence and Complex Systems.

We thank the Central Student Advisory Service and the Career Service of Leipzig University for the intensive exchange. We are happy about the opportunity to further strengthen the existing contacts of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig.

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