School Students’ Visit to our AI Exhibition at COSMO

02.11.2023 // SCADS

About 15 School Students’ from Erfurt visited our AI exhibition at the COSMO Science Forum on October 26th as part of their school program in computer science. COSMO is a meeting point for society and research. Located in the Kulturpalast, it presents various research projects from Dresden in interactive exhibitions and different event formats.

During the visit, the school students showed great enthusiasm and interest in the AI demonstrators at COSMO. They actively engaged with the interactive displays, demonstrating their curiosity and willingness to explore the technology. The visit fostered a dynamic exchange of knowledge and ideas. Students asked questions about the AI technology and shared their insights and thoughts, making the visit a collaborative learning experience. The students left the exhibition highly motivated and with a newfound passion for coding and AI. Their eagerness to learn and engage with the technology was evident throughout the visit, making it a successful and inspiring educational experience.

COSMO Science Forum

The COSMO Science Forum provides a space for exchange between science and society. Both are more interdependent than ever before: Science helps to understand the world based on facts and without prejudice. It answers questions and provides insights that can contribute to social progress, innovation, and better living conditions for all. But what is science without people who understand and trust it? How can research provide answers to society if it does not know its questions? Different fields of science and current research can be experienced live, tried out and critically discussed in different event formats.

AI Exhibition at COSMO

ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig offers various events at the COSMO Science Forum. Besides the exhibition “Artificial Intelligence Explained”, which can be visited from September 05 to January 25, there will be lectures, hackathons and workshops.

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