Kick-off event „Dimensions of Artificial Intelligence“

14.07.2021 // SCADS

In cooperation with Dresden-concept, the digital kick-off event of the Scientific Area Network (SAN) „Dimensions of Artificial Intelligence“ will take place on 16 July from 13:30 to 16:00. The programme offers a variety of interesting talks and presentations from different scientific institutions. Please register in advance.

The SAN provides an interdisciplinary perspective on the methodological and technological dimensions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a new key technology. For several years, AI has been experiencing a strong increase in attention in research, business, culture, and the media. At the same time, AI is also assuming an increasingly important role in government action.

The Study Commission “Artificial Intelligence – Social Responsibility and Economic, Social and Ecological Potentials” of the German Bundestag suggests that AI development should not only serve economic goals but also socially progressive purposes, e.g., in the areas of health, education, traffic change, climate change and participation, or especially highly topical in the management of pandemics. Due to its social relevance, a responsible approach to AI must be considered at the same time. This includes, among other things, the traceability of the results of AI methods, the protection of privacy and questions of data sovereignty as well as the protection of minorities.

At the kick-off event, researchers from DRESDEN-concept partner institutions will present pertinent results. The SAN will be held in English. After the kick-off event, follow-up meetings will be held in order to intensify networking aimed at initiating research projects.


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The partners coordinate their scientific strategy and identify the areas in which Dresden is an international leader in order to attract internationally recognised researchers to Dresden. By networking across institute and subject boundaries, DRESDEN-concept offers researchers an ideal location for innovation and science. The close proximity of the partners, the sustainable use of infrastructures within the alliance and the establishment of research focal points make Dresden one of the best-known science locations.

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