ScaDS.AI Advent calendar on Twitter

03.12.2021 // SCADS

Just in time for December 1st 2022, the ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig advent calendar campaign starts on our Twitter channel. Every day, we open a new calendar door and present book recommendations of a ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig team member.

The first door of the ScaDS.AI Advent calendar introduces the book recommendation by Matthias Täschner: Data Mining. The Textbook. He says: "This most helpful book provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the data mining process, starting with basic considerations of data types, preprocessing steps, and algorithms, and ending with a variety of domain-specific uses cases. Highly recommended."
Twitter post by Matthias Täschner

The books vary from scientific textbooks to papers and novels. Furthermore, the selected book recommendations thematically range from Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning or Social Science to philosophical perspectives on AI. Thus, there is something for every interested person in Data Science. And perhaps one or another book will also provide inspiration as a Christmas gift. Remain excited and follow the ScaDS.AI Advent calendar via Twitter @Sca_DS.

This year, we got recommendations from the following ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig team members:

  • Matthias Täschner
  • Neringa Jurenaite
  • Nicole Spiess
  • Rita Jordan
  • Matti Berthold
  • Franz Lehr
  • Oliver Welz
  • Alexander Leipnitz
  • Johannes Roth
  • Martin Kutz
  • Dr. Sunna Torge
  • Maja Schneider
  • Miriam Welz
  • Elias Werner
  • Moritz Wilke
  • Daniel Obraczka
  • Gergely Pogany
  • Jana Bendigs
  • Michal Miazga
  • Hermann Diebel-Fischer
  • Corina Weissbach
  • Alina Mailach
  • Dr. Siavash Ghiasvand
  • Prof. Dr. Erhard Rahm

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