ScaDS.AI Graduate School visits Living Lab

10.01.2023 // SCADS

On January 10th 2023, the ScaDS.AI Graduate School visited the Living Lab in Dresden as part of its doctoral seminar. It was an exciting meeting with many interesting discussions.

ScaDS.AI Graduate School

The ScaDS.AI Graduate School aims to connect and support the doctoral students who are within or associated to ScaDS.AI. The bi-weekly seminar of Graduate School enables scientific and methodological exchange among the participants. Furthermore, it promotes synergies among the postgraduates.

ScaDS.AI Living Lab

The ScaDS.AI Living Lab is a multi-faceted venue, exhibition space, teaching and education center, and laboratory. In Living Lab, new methods and research results are communicated with and evaluated by the visitors from different target groups, such that diverse opinions can be immediately included in the ongoing research and innovation process.

ScaDS.AI Graduate School team members listen to presentations by our center's researchers in the Living Lab


During this visit, an overview of the concept of the ScaDS.AI Living Lab was provided to the Graduate School members. In addition, doctoral students presented a selection of demonstrators, which are created by them as part of their research activities in ScaDS.AI. This includes Score-P Python Jupyter Kernel by Elias Werner, which bridges the gap and brings state-of-the-art performance analysis tools into the favorite environment of data scientists, a.k.a. JupyterLab. Big Data Performance Analysis [2] by Jan Frenzel provides insightful details about the performance of big data analysis frameworks. The Multicut Game [3] by Jannik Irmai simplifies the understanding of the sophisticated concept of the Multicut problem using gamification. Moreover, FloodVis [4] by Tasnim Oyshi provides a tangible understanding of big data using an immersive virtual reality representation.

These presentations resulted in interesting discussions among the participants. Finally yet importantly, at the end of the event, participants were allowed to try out the demonstrators themselves. This was not only informative but also a lot of fun.

For the future, the ScaDS.AI Graduate School and the Living Lab will further join forces and collaborate more closely with each other. As a first step, the regular seminar meetings of Graduate School will take place in the Living Lab to benefit from its inspiring atmosphere.

Stay tuned, soon there will be more news about this collaboration.

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