Teaching and Training

The offer of the service center is aimed at scientists, students, and especially non-scientific users. Within teaching and training, both technical and methodological priorities are set. The technical focus includes tools for data analysis, distributed computing, and machine learning (R, Python, Spark, Flink, Tensorflow, Keras, …). On the other hand, the use of tools with the help of containers and virtual machines plays a role. In addition, knowledge is imparted to use HPC resources in specific use cases. The methodological focus includes instruction in methods of data analysis, statistics, and machine learning.

All education offers can be individually designed. The presentation can be done in a variety of ways, e.g. in the form of lectures, workshops, hands-on sessions, etc. In addition, there is the possibility of technical support for hackathons in the form of hardware resources. The course offers include lectures, seminars, and supervision of theses, and is aimed at those interested in all subject areas. Just contact us and we will find the right format for you.