9th International Summer School on AI and Big Data

07.07.2023 // SCADS

From July 3rd-7th, 2023, the 9th International Summer School on AI and Big Data took place in Dresden. ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig welcomed around 60 participants as well as 17 speakers from all over the world.

Program of the 9th International Summer School on AI and Big Data

The 9th International Summer School on AI and Big Data discussed the topic of large AI models. A thematical focus also was placed on their role in Natural Language Processing as well as the necessary computing architectures for AI. Our invited international experts gave interesting insights into these topics with their talks.

Impressions of the 9th International Summer School on AI and Big Data

Monday, July 3rd

On Monday, the registration for our Summer School opened at 1 p.m. As the first speaker, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Nagel warmly welcomed the participants with an introduction to ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig. After the welcome, there was time for an interesting keynote by our Junior Research Group Leader:

  • Big Data and AI for Multimodal Communication Research (Dr. Peter Uhrig – ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig)

Afterwards, we invited all attendees to a first get together and poster session at Dorint Hotel, while having some finger foods and coffee. It was a great opportunity, to get to know the other participants and discuss shared interests in research with them. Participants also were able to present their own posters on site.

Tuesday, July 4th

On the second day of our Summer School, we welcomed all participants at 8:00 a.m. at Dorint Hotel Dresden. Over the course of the day, six speakers gave insights into a variety of topics, ranging from Natural Language Processing to Computing Architectures:

  • AI and the Start Up Scene (Richard Socher – you.com)
  • Developing Multilingual, Open and European Large Language Models (Dr. Georg Rehm and Pedro Ortiz Suarez – Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz [DFKI])
  • Distributed AI and Multi-agent Systems for Space Systems Autonomy (Prof. Dr. Ryszard Kowalczyk – University of South Australia)
  • Natural Language Processing for Minor Languages Support (Dr. Sunna Torge – ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig)
  • Architectures and Systems for AI Inference (Prof. Dr. Diana Göhringer – ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig)

Wednesday, July 5th

Three speakers were on site, to give an introduction to their research topics on Wednesday. Starting from 9:00 a.m, the participants had the chance to listen to the following talks:

  • Next-Generation Data Management via Large Language Models (Prof. Dr. Immanuel Trummer – Cornell University)
  • Machine Learning in Aviation – from Traceable Machine Learning to Flows Around Airfoils (Dr. Betty Calpas – Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt e.V [DLR])
  • The “Genes” of Materials Properties and Functions Identified by Symbolic Regression (Dr. Lucas Foppa – Fritz-Haber-Institut, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft)

Afterwards, we invited all attendees to a 2-hour-hike through Dresdner Heide. The third day of the ScaDS.AI Summer School 2023 was closed by a wonderful dinner at Louisenhof, where everyone was able to engage in interesting discussions and get to know each other even better.

Group photo, taken at the Hike through Dresdner Heide at the 9th International Summer School on AI and Big Data.

Thursday, July 6th

After a great dinner on Wednesday, we started freshly energized into a full day of talks with regular breaks for coffee, snacks, networking opportunities and engaging conversations. Here, the participants were able to listen to five talks, given by four experts:

  • Computing Architectures for AI (Uwe Gäbler – Infineon)
  • Information Field Theory: Concepts, Astronomical Applications, & Relation to AI (Dr. Torsten Enßlin – MPI Garchingen)
  • Bayesian Statistics and Machine Learning (Dr. Gunar Ernis – Fraunhofer IAIS)
  • An Introduction to Gaussian Processes (Dorina Weichert – Fraunhofer IAIS)
  • Experimental Design using Active Learning and Bayesian Optimization (Dorina Weichert and Dr. Gunar Ernis -Fraunhofer IAIS)

Friday, July 7th

Besides more networking opportunities, the last day of our Summer School also offered the participants two more highly interesting talkts:

  • Fundamentals of Representation Learning (Dr. Sahar Vahdati – Institut für Angewandte Informatik [InfA])
  • Knowledge in Perception Systems (Dr. Danh Le Phuoc – BIFOLD)

After enjoying a final lunch break together, we said goodbye to our 60 participants. As always, we had a wonderful time at the 9th International Summer School on AI and Big Data. It is a great pleasure to host these yearly summer schools to bring together international experts, researchers, PhD students as well as graduate students from all over the world.


Did you miss the 9th International Summer School on AI and Big Data or just want to participate again next year? We will announce all details about our upcoming Summer Schools on our Summer School page and in our event calendar.

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