#2: Temporal Graph Analysis

On the 5-August-2021 at 11:00 a.m. the second lecture of the Living Lab lecture series will take place. Christopher Rost and Kevin Gomez will talk about “Temporal Graph Analysis”.

How can I participate in the lecture?

To join the lecture click here: https://conf.fmi.uni-leipzig.de/b/mir-fke-mhj-qt9

When will the room become accessible to the audience?

The room will be accessible 5 minutes before the start of the lecture.

Who can participate in the Living Lab activities?

The participation is free for everyone.

Do I need to be familiar with topics such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to benefit from the lectures?

No! Not at all.

One of our goals in the Living Lab lecture series is to familiarize everyone with these topics.

Is there any technical requirements to participate in the lecture?

You just need an up-to-date browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Chromium.

We would also recommend using headphones for better audio quality.

Should I also turn on my camera/microphone during the lecture?

Not unless you would like to! In general, there is no need to have a camera or microphone to participate in the lecture.

In that case, how can I ask a question and provide feedback?

Alongside joining the discussion with your camera and microphone, there is also the possibility to submit your question and comments as a written comment in the Chat section.

How can I easily get informed about future activities of the Living Lab?

Follow us on Twitter:@Sca_DS

Subscribe to our mailing list: https://mailman.zih.tu-dresden.de/groups/listinfo/livinglab

Can I participate with my smartphone?

Yes! Scan the QR-code below with your phone’s camera: