The ScaDS.AI Living Lab is a place to try out, understand and learn. Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are widely being talked about, but the concepts and ideas behind the terminologies are not really tangible. Therefore the goal of the ScaDS.AI Living Lab is to build a bridge between citizens and the abstract world of AI. One step on this path is the monthly physical Meetup called ai.Lounge.

Impressions of a previous ai.Lounge.

Each ai.Lounge is assigned a main topic to connect people with the same interests. Topics include lifescience, insurance, medicine, privacy, mobility, logistics and many more. Every month, people meet in our ScaDS.AI Living Lab and are inspired by 2-3 short talks of around 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, in smaller rounds, the presenters can specifically address detailed questions, show a demonstrator, code or solutions. We provide the technological and organizational infrastructure for this purpose. At the end of the ai.Lounge, participants can discuss further questions and developments over a drink on the couch.

Impressions of a previous ai.Lounge.

ai.Lounge in a nutshell

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