Living Lab

A Living Lab is being created in both Leipzig and Dresden, which will approach our main research topics of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Science in a diverse and vibrant way. With the Living Lab experiment space, a user-centered ecosystem is being created that is designed to share current and topical research approaches and results of our center with visitors. The Living Lab appears as a multi-faceted venue, exhibition space, teaching and education center, and laboratory. It is a vehicle for communication, discovery, development, and evaluation of our research for the public. Practical and everyday problems as well as questions in dealing with new digital technologies shall be in the focus as well as finding innovative approaches for business and industry. New methods and research results need to be communicated with and evaluated by our visitors from different target groups, so that diverse opinions can be immediately included in our research and innovation process.

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The ScaDS.AI Living Lab is based on four pillars that constitute its thematic and structural orientation:


Through independent and guided engagement with our demonstrators in the exhibition space, our center’s research on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is made vivid, tangible, and therefore understandable by different target groups.


Emerging developments from the research community are brought together with existing challenges from business and everyday practice. Different perspectives therefore come together to develop innovative scenarios and solutions to these challenges as a team.


We develop new scenarios and requirements for AI in a dialogue with our visitors. The environment of the Living Lab can be a stimulating place of personal development and new encounters, where innovative ideas can unfold and AI can be discovered together.


We want to evaluate collected data and user feedback in order to incorporate it into making relevant changes. By engaging in dialogue with our visitors, the Living Lab can grow and flourish as an important place for everyone.