5th Big Data and AI in Business Workshop @ Data Week Leipzig

12.07.2022 // SCADS

We look back at the Data Week Leipzig 2022 full of diverse events and presentations and are happy to have organized the event together with InfAI, DBpedia, AKSW and eccenca GmbH in cooperation with the city of Leipzig. Retrospectively, we take another detailed look at our 5th ScaDS.AI Big Data and AI in Business Workshop (BDIB), which took place on 07.07.22 as part of Data Week Leipzig.

Council Chamber| Rathaus Leipzig

5th BDIB Workshop @ Data Week Leipzig 2022

BDIB promotes the transfer of research results in the field of Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence into business applications as well as the practical, professional exchange. In the course of this, the 5th BDIB Workshop featured keynote speaker Dr. Volker Gruhn as well as eight presentations by representatives of the Big Data and AI industry and ensured lively discussions with the attending audience from business, science and politics.

At the beginning, Prof. Erhard Rahm, Director of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig and Dr. Eric Peukert, Management Director of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig, presented the current state of research at ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig as well as the activities of the Transfer and Service Center, which aims at the transfer of scientific findings into operational applications as well as the implementation of joint projects with industry representatives.

Prof. Erhard Rahm | Director ScaDS.AI Dresdes/Leipzig

This was followed by the keynote speech „Development of data-driven software – It’s a bit different after all“ by Prof. Volker Gruhn, who, in addition to describing his work at adesso SE, spoke about general problems and approaches to solving them when working with AI applications in a business context. The keynote was followed by 8 practice-oriented presentations by experts and designers of data-driven applications in the operational context.

Prof. Gruhn adresso GmbH | Keynote Speaker

As the first speaker, Manish Bhandari of XITASO GmbH presented a use case in which a specially developed recommendation system using language models and vector databases supports subject matter experts in the construction industry in their decision-making.

In the following presentation, Armin Geisler and Alexander Smalla introduced the predictive maintenance system of SENEC GmbH. They assume that frequently repeating error patterns and reasons for failures in electricity storage systems can be predicted to a certain extent with the help of statistical analyses and AI methods.

Afterwards, Dr. Hanna Köpcke demonstrated the status of an innovative market analysis technology platform developed by Vistex that combines, processes and links market data from various sources.

Dr. Sebastian Lehmann followed up in his presentation with AI solutions used in companies and discussed current projects in which AI is used at Appsfactory for customer control, project management, staffing and deeper technical solutions.

Dr. Maximilian Pensel discussed the methods and technologies of Alexander Thamm GmbH in dealing with diverse problems and challenges of AI solutions in a business context.

In the following talk, Dr. Martin Hentschel of Snowflake introduced proprietary Big Data technologies, and their advantages of a modern cloud data platform to perform Big Data operations for operational optimization.

As the last speaker of the day, Jens Scholz of prudsys AG presented the use of intelligent algorithms for retail and provided an overview of the state of the applications.

Jens Scholz CEO | prudsys AG

After a full day of exciting presentations, BDIB attendees were able to take part in an evening tour of the ScaDS.AI Living Lab and gain insight into the current state of scientific research on artificial intelligence using demonstrators, as well as share experiences and insights from the day over food and drink at a joint dinner at Ratskeller Leipzig.

We would like to thank all speakers as well as the audience for the lively exchange and hope to welcome you again at our next Big Data and AI in Business Workshop.

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